As of June 2018, Colorful Motivation has 300+ users on the Chrome web store!

Replace your (boring and white) new tab page on Chrome with (fun and colorful) motivation. This extension displays your current age, and generates a background color based on that age.



The hex color is generated from the 2nd through 7th decimal places (the beginning doesn’t change much, but the least significant number changes ~5 seconds). This provides a gradual change in color that is derived directly from your age.

Clicking on the birthday in the bottom-left corner allows a user to modify current settings. The current hex color being used is displayed in the bottom-right corner.


You can play with the webpage version I created here before porting it to a Chrome extension.

Based off of the concept put forth in an older Chrome extension “Motivation” by maccman.

Find it in the Chrome Web Store here, and check out the source on github.