I love Northeastern’s annual “Husky Hunt”. I’ve organized and been captain of a team for the past two years. As my team and I were gearing up for this past year’s hunt, we realized our biggest bottleneck the year before was the sheer level of organization necessary to keep all our clues in order. Thus, HuskyHunter was born.

HuskyHunter is an Angular.js webapp written for use in Husky Hunt 2017, and used by “The Real Huskies of Suffolk County”. This webapp was developed by my roommate Nathan and I.

HuskyHunter enables coordination between clue decoders at the team’s headquarters, and other members of the team out in the field. The app provides a centralized point of data organization and clue completion that is easy to access on a field member’s mobile phone.


Dropbox integration allows field teams to upload their completed clues to a secure location. The application auto-names a completed clue based on the provided clue syntax. Since completed clues are all required to follow a specific naming scheme at the end of the hunt, this auto-naming process literally saved us hours of manual effort.


This application has humble beginnings as a concept written on apartment whiteboards.


Check out the source on github.