Every month I pour all my favorite tunes into a playlist with that name (this year, in Turkish because why not). Here’s my reflections back on 2019 through Spotify.


January – I’d just gotten back home to Boston from a semester abroad! Lots of Quinn XCII & Ripe in preparation for their upcoming concerts!


February – February marks the month of new friends and experiences. Influences from the people I most care about (Mom Rock, The Districts, and Shag Rock). Lots of new music in my life!


March – I am shown Applesauce by someone really special – this playlist should just be called Applesauce given how much I listened.


April – Applesauce makes an appearance along with Abhi the Nomad! The playlist turns a bit more introspective with songs like Why Not Me & the some greats tracks by artist HONNE. We also see a track by Dionysia from one of my favorite Sofars of all time! April was definitely the most impactful month of my year, and the music definitely shows.


May – May was fun and the music shows! I traveled to Spain with my family, went to plenty of shows, and transitioned from my spring co-op into my summer internship! This playlist is the start of summer - listening to this playlist makes me feel like i’m driving to the beach with my windows down.


June – I arrive in Seattle for the summer. I traveled a lot so this playlist is quite large. My summer anthem Heat of the Summer makes its first appearance.


July – July marks me settling into Seattle, making new friends, and discovering new music! I am introduced (and see live) the band Lawrence.


August – August is a short playlist. The month was busy & included lots of wrapping up in Settle and a move back home to Boston. The Happy Fits, Arlie, and Sure Sure are two welcome additions.


September – I’m back taking classes at Northeastern for what has felt like forever. September is a good month.


October – My birth month! Half Alive rocks this month. This playlist was huge had a long of fun music. One of which is actually called Playlist by Kid Quill.


November – A short playlist, but one I listened too non-stop while finishing out my degree. Rex Orange County’s new album was on constant loop. Surfaces also emerged as one of my favorite artists of the month.


December – December is mostly bleed over from November’s top hits. December was a stressful month - ending school is not something I was prepared for. Take This Love by Brothers + Company played in my head constantly throughout the month. Finally, a great sum up for the very end of this year - Dining Alone by Shakey Graves.