Parade is an events discovery app I co-founded and am actively developing! Check out for our progress and for details!

After months of planning and development, our team is very excited to officially launch on the App Store! Northeastern students can hop onto the app and start exploring today!


You may be thinking…what is Parade? In anticipation of your confusion, I wrote a (comprehensive) welcome guide over on the Parade blog. This post details the core Parade features and design decisions that went into the app.


I’ve made multiple posts on the technical process behind developing a React Native application. I have many more planned, as well as more dev-ops oriented posts involving our API server (now hosted as an AWS Lambda function). I’m also writing a design post with sketches and ideas from our very first Parade meetings.

Also check out our GitHub page which hosts a few of our public repos. Most notably is the Parade website that I wrote, and is live at Our app’s main repo and our server code is private, although code snippets can be made available upon request.